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Volume# 001 Number 001 ----------------------------------------------------Page 08----------------------------------------Wendseday, September 1, 1998

The world we live on is so big but its also so small, small when compared to space. There is so much more out there, including other life forms.

Spacey STACY for example claims to be your average human, we found that hard to believe. From the looks of it, she doesn't appear to be from around here (as in this galaxy).


They call him alien ED, and when we asked him where he was from, he told us that he speaks to no one until he gets $1,000,000,000. We asked him why so much money, he told us that it will allow him to phone home and talk for 3 minutes (thats a big hint this guy is not from around here).


They called this guy alien ALAN, he was seen on the recent space mission to planet X. This guy didn't look to friendly either.


These are just a few of the many strange life forms that are living amoung us. You might even be living with a strange live form, in fact, it may be YOU.

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