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Volume# 001 Number 001 ----------------------------------------------------Page 02----------------------------------------Wendseday, September 1, 1998


In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth, and then he created MAN, MAN in turn created Garbage Pail Kids. And so a dream was born for every little boy that one day he may buy these cards and not have his mom throw them away. So let it be written so let it be done.

Garbage Pail Kids, what are they, where did they go, and will they every come back. I will answer these questions plus many more, but I must warn you, what your about to read may offend some people. These are not your average cards, these are GARBAGE PAIL KIDS.


Garbage Pail Kids were produced by Topps in the mid 80's and early 90's. They were cards with a sticker on the front that featured kids that resembled the Cabbage Patch Dolls and on the back was some type of fun activity or comic. There were 15 series'es produced and each series had about 90 cards.

Don't confuse these kids with the the Cabbage Patch Kids though, Garbage Pail Kids had more of a PG-13 rating and were aimed toward boys unlike Cabbage Patch Kids which were aimed at girls. Unfortunatly, this proved to be the downfall of these cards which I will talk about later on.

The 1st Series Kids were introduced in 1985. There were 82 cards in the complete set, 41 were "a" and 41 were "b". You see every card had another card like it "an alias or twin" that featured the same kid on the front but they had a different name and sometime a different back. Also, most sets had variation cards which are like the "a" or "b" card but had a different back in most cases, some had another name. For example, card #0a has two different backs which makes one of the cards a variation, which one you ask, will if one is a puzzle piece and the other an award than the one with the award on the back would be the variation because you need the puzzle piece in the set to complete the puzzle. Sometimes it just doesn't matter.

One thing that was really cool about these cards is that they only were 25 cents a pack, really cheap, you got 5 cards and a stick of gum. A whole box of the 1st Series back then only sold for about $12.00, the book value for a box of them now is $300!!!

The GPK's weren't very popular till about the 3rd series. You can find the 3rd series and up now days anywhere - boxes or sets but the first two are harder to locate making them worth more money. In fact I didn't know about them until the 3rd Series. I thought they were so cool because I had never seen anything like them before and they were STICKERS. Yes I did peel them and stick them everywhere which proved to be my downfall of ever buying them again. The mother didn't like the idea to much of me getting these and sticking them everywhere so she would throw them away when ever she found out I had them.

Garbage Pail Kids were also marketed in other countries other than the U.S. They were similar in that they featured weird kids. They were different because of either size, language written in, different names, or not a sticker at all, just a card. I don't know much about them yet, I plan to add some to my collection some day and when I find out more about them I will update this.

There were many Garbage Pail Kids related item such as: ballons, buttons, clothes, cups, folders, postors, toys, wall plaks, and pretty much anything that a Dysney movie makes now days to promote there movies, although I don't think they ever put them in a happy meal. A movie was even made staring the GPK's and a saturday morning cartoon was scheduled to air but never did do to protest by parents.


With every beginning, there comes an end. But it was too soon for these cards, they were becoming so popular - among kids anyway.

I never saw the end coming and thought actually thought there would be a Series 100 some day( I was just a kid, what did I know?), but it did end. The last two series'es that Topps produced to be marketed were 14 and 15, back in 1988.